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For over 60 years Polycarbonate (PC) has become one of the most widely used engineering plastics and helped shape the modern world. Now with Polymaker PC-Max™, this age-old material has found a new youth in the burgeoning industry of 3D printing.


Extreme Toughness
Polymaker PC-Max™ offers the absolute best in toughness that is simply unobtainable from other 3D printing materials of similar stiffness. This makes Polymaker PC-Max™ an excellent choice for real-world, engineering applications.


Heat Resistance
Polymaker PC-Max™ offers better heat resistance than almost all other 3D printing materials currently in the market. It can withstand temperatures well above 110 ºC.

Easy Printing
 PC used to be the monopoly for only those expensive, “industrial” FDM machines. Well, not any more. Polymaker PC-Max™ is a material designed specifically for desktop 3D printers. What we are delivering is a material that not only offers excellent properties and print quality, but also allows easy printing.

Post-Process Capabilities
Polymaker PC-Max™ can be easily post-processed. Sand your print to achieve a beautiful smooth surface.

Excellent Mechanical Strength
Parts made with Polymaker PC-Max™ show much improved mechanical strength compared to ABS and PLA under almost all testing conditions.

Uncompromised Quality
With our eight step quality control process and rigorous in-house testing, you can rest assured that Polymaker PC-Max™ will produce beautiful, reliable and accurate printed parts every time.

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